Brake lines

With brake lines, it is critical that they are suitable for the usual pressure in a braking system and in addition do not corrode.

We make our brake lines with a mitigation between copper / nickel. This makes our pipes insensitive to rust, strong but also flexible. They have the following work pressure:

3/16" 1/4" 5/15" 3/8"
Min. work pressure psi 3062 2214 1740 1429
Min. burst druk psi 15310 11070 8700 7145
Min. tensile strenght psi 45000 45000 45000 45000

The above only applies with a thickness of .28″ and a maximum of 200 F.

The brake lines we supply are made to according size, are bent into the right shape and provided with the right swivel and flare on both sides. We can also make a double flare with 45 or 37 degree angles and also make the SAE and DIN bubble.


In US cars the most common flare is the double flare with an angle of 45 degrees.

We pay a great deal of attention to the bending of the pipes so that they can be mounted on your vehicle properly. Also pipes are provided with prtective material if required by the original line. This can be done with loom or protective springs.

Besides brake lines, we also make fuel pipes, vacuum pipes and pipes for air braking systems. We also make these pipes in inch sizes up to 3/4″ and with a double flare or in the case of air pipes with cutting ring and brass long swivel as original.