Brake hoses

Our goal is to deliver high quality products. Assembly of the products is easy because of we use the best materials with a tight fit. Quality is critical for the brake system of a vehicle.

Brake hoses are assembled within the firm. For this we have a special hose press, which is combined with a pressure tester. Because we have a large stock of different couplings in European and American sizes, we can make essentially any brake hose ourselves and also test it on pressure.

The BQ101 hose we use is of superb quality and thus fulfills these norms: SAE J1401 en FMVSS 106. Please click here to download the specifications / certificate of the hose.

Whilst the couplings are pressed on the hose, a batchnumber will be pressed in the coupling. This could be used to trace the specifications of the hose and couplings. We deliver our productts with warranty.